Tight profit margins. Shrink and workplace compensation claims. Associate turnover. They can be devastating to your bottom line. Educating your associates on Safety, Loss Prevention and Food Safety is the best way to improve morale, create a safe working environment and increase profitability. Changing associates’ behavior today prevents unnecessary loss tomorrow.

Available instruction

Shoplifting, Slips, Proper Lifting, Proper Cash Handling, Incident Reporting, Ladder Safety, Product Rotation, Vendor Theft, Returns, Cart Safety, Food Handler and Manager, Bagging Procedures, Maintaining Cold Chain, Pest Control, Customer Safety, Data Security, Receiving Errors, Hazardous Material Handling, Product Merchandizing, Medication Abuse


Key benefits

  • Administer the latest SafeMark online courses to prepare for certification
  • Deliver engaging courses for new hire orientation and refresher training
  • Present 24/7 awareness campaigns to keep crucial behaviors top of mind
  • Perform on-the-floor coaching and observations to verify behavior change

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Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

FMI has partnered with Alchemy to bring to you a new and improved suite of SafeMark food handler and food manager online courses. With a focus on how today's retail worker learns and works, your employees will have the best training available so you can ensure a safe, productive and profitable work environment.

SafeMark course features include:

  • Updated, realistic imagery giving your employees situational awareness
  • Retail-focused learning scenarios for optimized comprehension

  • Customization options allowing you to incorporate your chain's specific procedures
  • Brand awareness features incorporating your logo and color scheme

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Effective Retail Food Handler Training

"Leveraging the latest research to promote learning and sustained food safety behaviors, Alchemy has developed an innovative and highly effective training experience for food workers."

- Hillary Thesmar, PhD, RD, Vice President of Food Safety Programs for FMI

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