Facing increased consumer scrutiny, live animal operations are under pressure to demonstrate ethical animal welfare. Audits are an important aspect in assessing welfare and therefore companies must have documentation to prove they are training on the correct practices. The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) and Alchemy partnered to create a new standard in animal welfare training for the beef and pork industry. Alchemy’s Poultry Handling library was co-developed with the National Chicken Council to educate employees and poultry companies on animal welfare guidelines and best practices.

Instructional topics

Unloading and Receiving Cattle and Pigs at Processing Facilities, Proper Handling and Movement of Cattle and Pigs, Introduction to Hatchery Operations, Proper Catching and Handling Methods, Poultry Welfare During Transportation and Receiving and Humane Practices for Live Bird Processing


Key benefits

  • Ensure company-wide compliance and consistent messaging for all employees
  • Train groups or individuals both online and offline in multiple languages
  • Instruct employees easily with learning targeted at the hourly worker
  • Perform on the floor coaching and observations
  • Provide quick access to paperless, audit-proof documentation and statuses