Recent exposure to GFSI audit requests has increased the need for compliance training in the packaging industry. New regulatory requirements focused on Hazard Communication (with GHS for the classification and labeling chemicals) also present new challenges. Keep your workforce training program up-to-date and properly documented to ensure compliance, while reducing worker safety incidents and increasing audit preparedness at all plants.

Available instruction

GMP’s for Packers, Preventing Food Contamination, Basic Food Facility Defense. Workplace Safety best practices including Forklift Safety Awareness, Hearing Protection, New GHS Hazard Communication, Ergonomics, Back Injury Prevention, Machine Guarding and LOTO


Key benefits

  • Ensure company-wide compliance and consistent messaging for all employees
  • Train groups or individuals both online and offline in multiple languages
  • Instruct employees easily with learning targeted at the hourly worker
  • Perform on the floor coaching and observations
  • Provide quick access to paperless, audit-proof documentation and statuses