Customer experiences with SISTEM®

Our success stems from the success of our customers. Each customer has a story to tell about how SISTEM® has helped them to not only improve their training program, but their company’s overall food and workplace safety plans.

Case Studies

  • WW_Johnson_Meat

    WW Johnson Meat Co.: Training in Multiple Languages and BRC Certification »

    WW Johnson Meat Co. recognized the need of improved training for multiple languages and documentation. Shortly after implementing SISTEM, WW Johnson Meat Co. passed their BRC audit with a grade A on their first attempt, with SISTEM providing all details requested by the auditor.

  • Fresh_Express

    Engagement and Documentation Equal Success for Fresh Express »

    Fresh Express had conducted its employee food handling training using what are commonly referred to as “tailgate” programs. The company relied on manual records for documentation of attendance, testing and proof of comprehension making the entire system hard to verify for audit purposes. SISTEM changed the entire training, comprehension, retention, and documentation approach for Fresh Express, while providing a major return on their investment.

  • Ralcorp

    The Human Component: Ralcorp Holdings Corporation Ensures Training Consistency Across Plants »

    Ralcorp discovered that Alchemy’s technology improved understanding of the key concepts of food safety training and provided consistency in delivery and presentation, which was missing with the previous training methods. Impressed by the ability of SISTEM to customize the material for the unique needs of each facility, they also benefited from simplified documentation storage, federal and state regulatory compliance, and the ability to meeting customer requirements.

  • O_at_Ka-dairy

    O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc.: Achieving SQF 2000 Level 3 Certification »

    To satisfy increasing customer requirements, O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc. recently put their focus on achieving Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. They set their standards high and made it a company goal to achieve SQF 2000 Level 3 certification, the highest level attainable. After implementing SISTEM, they received a “Fully Compliant” rating for their training program and achieved Level 3 SQF 2000 Certification.

  • King_and_Prince

    King & Prince: Improving Employee Injury Rates & Audit Performance »

    King & Prince needed a training solution that would reduce worker accidents, especially among new employees, while delivering effective and time-efficient work and food safety instruction. It was also imperative that any potential solution automate worker training completion and performance documentation, enabling quick and easy data retrieval for audits and inspections. With SISTEM, King & Prince was able to reduce worker injuries by 61% and improve their audit score by 55 points.

  • Buckhead Beef: Using SISTEM® as Your Training Assistant »

    Within six weeks of implementing SISTEM, Buckhead Beef began to see significant improvements in their new hire orientations and safety meetings, as well as with their employee training documentation. Saving approximately 2.5 months of work per year, the president now calls SISTEM the Risk Manager’s assistant.

  • Buckhead_Beef

    Buckhead Beef: Training in the Wake of an Injury »

    A Buckhead Beef location experienced a serious injury when a staff member got her hand caught in a machine. Their investigation found that the safety interlocks on the machine were not working and the machine was being operated with the guard raised. With a need to immediately implement procedures to inspect the safety interlocks on a daily basis, they had to quickly retrain everyone on machine guarding. But how do you train over 400 people between two locations quickly? SISTEM, of course!

“For us it is all about engagement and compliance. With SISTEM, our hourly associates actually look forward to training and enjoy the interaction. Training is delivered faster and I have all records automatically at my fingertips for audits. This has saved us a ton of time in preparing for audits.”

Glen Balch, George’s, Inc.
VP, Human Resources

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