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Don’t just take our word for it! Below are first hand accounts of how SISTEM® has made a difference in the everyday work lives of our customers.


"In August we passed our BRC audit with a grade A on the first attempt. At the click of a button, SISTEM provided all details requested by the BRC auditor resulting in no further questions regarding training. SISTEM allowed WW Johnson Meat Company to pass the training section of BRC with flying colors."

Karan Rathburn
WW Johnson Meat Co
Human Resources Manager

“During our SQF Audit last week, the auditor mentioned they had not seen the SISTEM platform before. When the Quality Manager and I presented SISTEM, she was very impressed with the materials, reporting and the role it allowed HR to play in ensuring our food safety and quality. For me, SISTEM made the audit process very easy and simple in demonstrating our training was completed and done effectively.”

Paul Mcilwaine
Select Food Products Limited
Human Resources

"The Standard Candy Company offers a lesson in SQF compliance. For Standard Candy’s initial run at SQF compliance in 2009, the QA Supervisor spent 2-3 hours a day, 2-3 days a week, for 5 weeks, training workers on GMPs/SSOPs/Food Safety. He woke up mid-way through this effort with laryngitis! After this highly inefficient use of time, the QA Supervisor still had to sit down over a two-day period and manually compile his SQF Training Register. In 2010, Standard Candy leveraged SISTEM to cut training time in half and eliminated the time wasted in manually compiling training registers."

Adam McMillian
Standard Candy Company
QA Manager

“The SISTEM training continues to go well. We passed our SQF audit with flying colors and an ‘Excellent’ rating. The auditor commented that interviewing people became a broken record because everyone knew the answers to his questions.”

Steve Main
Farmer’s Pride Inc. (Bell & Evans)
VP Operations

“What I like about SISTEM is comprehension and consistency. With SISTEM integrated testing, I know my people understand the content and critical training is delivered consistently across shifts and facilities.”

Dan Serrano
Tyson Foods, Inc.
VP of HR Operations

"I now feel armed to help my clients in an entirely different way."

Judy Bauman
Training Manager

"We love SISTEM for its delivery, compliance and recordkeeping. Our auditors love it because they know the content is solid and the records are reliable."

Nancy Arrouzet
Earthbound Farms
Director of Learning & Development

"You have provided us with a breakthrough solution that is an enabler for our continued  growth."

Pru Sullivan
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Director of Continuous Learning

“Alchemy’s solution is a powerful tool. It makes training convenient, efficient, and timely. Having SISTEM has allowed us to take our training program to another level by improving the quality of instructions and the efficiency of delivery. I would highly recommend this product to any organization looking for a progressive training platform.”

Bob Williams
Nature’s Variety, Inc.
HR Manager

"The Alchemy Support staff is the most personable and responsive I have ever dealt with. In rolling SISTEM out, I have had nothing but positive reactions from our management, employees, and auditors alike!"

Jason Rosen
Alpha Baking Co.
Director, Health & Safety

“For us it is all about engagement and compliance. With SISTEM, our hourly associates actually look forward to training and enjoy the interaction. Training is delivered faster and I have all records automatically at my fingertips for audits. This has saved us a ton of time in preparing for audits.”

Glen Balch
George’s, Inc.
VP, Human Resources

“I am impressed with the follow through SISTEM allows us to have. We no longer have to dig and send out a search party for an individual's training. It is simple enough for a supervisor to train their own people individually if necessary. It is a tool to achieve ‘no one left behind’. It allows us to set a schedule and train more employees at one time. We are undergoing BRC certification. In order to be in compliance with the training fundamental, we must show competency tests. SISTEM makes this very simple for us do. So with that said, I can't imagine performing training without it!”

Wendy Lopez
Tip Top Poultry, Inc.
QA Supervisor

“In my experience Alchemy safety training provides a clear insight of the basics of many accident prevention techniques and safety procedures. It provides workers with a way to test their knowledge and be safer. Passing tests in the courses, the workers leave with a greater understanding of how to avoid injury to themselves and others.”

Mark Hemmendinger
Certified Safety Professional

“Prior to using SISTEM, our method of training was via "5-Minute Employee Meetings" that were held monthly and facilitated by supervisors. Our training documentation consisted only of paper sign-in sheets. This did not allow us to track or test the employees' understanding of the topic, nor were we able to ensure the message communicated was consistent. Using SISTEM has allowed us to dramatically improve in these areas as well as provide a medium that both our English and Spanish speaking employees can understand.”

Megan Robinson
Ed Miniat, Inc.
HR Manager, Compensation & Benefits

“It’s interactive, it’s entertaining, and most importantly, it’s documented. Ultimately, the consumer benefits from a safer, more wholesome product.”

Joe Harris
Southwest Meat Association
Executive Director

"The addition of the SISTEM training program has allowed Farmington Foods to easily administer training to our Spanish speaking population in their language without the need for translators. Over the course of a year, we train about 130 employees including supervisors and managers. I was initially nervous about the reception that the SISTEM training would receive, however I have been pleasantly surprised with the employees’ response. Employees are engaged by the courses and pay close attention. The record keeping is also very convenient with SISTEM."

Melissa Gumm
Director of Quality Assurance
Farmington Foods, Forest Park, IL

"Training our plant personnel and front line supervisors is one of the greatest investments we can make in the company. The more our people know, the better they will be able to perform. SISTEM provides interactive training allowing us to know exactly who understands the material and who needs additional help. Whether we are discussing GMP’s, allergen control, or plant hygiene, our plant personnel need to be very well versed. Great taste should be our consumer’s only concern."

Cindy Martinez
Ferrara Pan Candy Company
Food Safety Plant Auditor

"We have consistency in training and excellent documentation for who has been trained. SISTEM's been as smooth as it can be... I don't have any complaints.”

Gary Souter
John Soules Foods, Inc.
Director of Human Resources

“The Alchemy Systems Production Team is a top-notch group of professionals, highly skilled at producing world-class training content. Working with my team to design custom training courses for our plant associates, the Alchemy team was quick to understand our needs, translate these needs into learning objectives, and craft compelling, interactive course content. We could not be more pleased with the result and continue to move forward with Alchemy on additional content in 2010.”

Larry McGill
Golden State Foods

"In a multisite operation like ours, where staff can be remotely located or just one farmer ... needs to be trained, getting people to spend time in one place can be both impractical and costly. SISTEM's advanced e-learning system will make remote access training, monitored centrally, easy to manage and really will free up more time for us to take our training forward as an integral part of Bernard Matthews' food safety culture.”

Bryan Hurst
Bernard Matthews
Training Manager

"We use SISTEM to track all of our employee training. It’s centralized system has proven to be a significant return on our investment."

Trudy Kamps
American Foods Group, LLC
VP of Human Resources

"We are most pleased with the program and its results. SISTEM is interactive, comprehensive and a marked improvement over our former training program… We're realizing that the employees absorb more of the training they are exposed to because it’s interactive… For inspection purposes when auditors come in here to take a look at us, they’re satisfied that our employees are being properly trained in food safety and HAZMAT safety."

Craig Reynolds
Sam Kane Beef
Director of Human Resources


Harry Lys
Golden State Foods

Speaks of the many features of SISTEM and how they can expand a training program.


Rodney Basaldua
King and Prince Seafood Corp

Speaks to how SISTEM has decreased workplace safety incidents.


Karen Seal
Pinty's Delicious Foods

Speaks about SISTEM's engaging courseware and robust reporting system.

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