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Alchemy has developed some great educational resources to help you learn more about the SISTEM® platform. Below you will find a list of real-world results from white papers that cover important industry topics relevant to food and worker safety.

White Papers

  • FSMA_whitepaper

    Preventive Controls & Record Keeping: Complying with FSMA »

    FSMA makes it abundantly clear: there has to be an evaluation of the effectiveness of training and employee comprehension whether in a food processing facility or in the agricultural environment. That is especially true for facilities that employ a large number of workers for whom English is a second language. Of equal importance is documentable and verifiable recordkeeping establishing that effective training did occur and comprehension was achieved to meet the standards likely to be imposed by FSMA Sections 103, 105, 301 and GMPs.

  • food_safety_ROI

    Solving the ROI Equation »

    Food companies need to train their employees for a variety of reasons in order to protect themselves from financial harm due to costly recalls and market withdrawals of contaminated food. Recalls and the accompanying lawsuits can cost food companies from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. Because front-line employees are in the best position to prevent accidents and minimize hazards, regular and thorough training of employees represents a wise investment for food companies. Rather than viewing training as a cost that cuts into the bottom line and reduces productivity, companies should realize that proper training can provide a substantial ROI.

  • OSHA_whitepaper

    Understanding OSHA’s New Focus »

    Educating and empowering employees with critical safety and health information is the best way for companies to create a safe working environment, protect workers, and decrease the risk of litigation and fines. As OSHA continues to ramp up its inspection and enforcement efforts, providing effective training that is readily available, quickly understood, and easily documented is a smart business decision with long-term benefits for employees and corporations alike.

  • HACCP_whitepaper-HACCP

    Applying HACCP Principles to Production Worker Training »

    By treating ineffective worker training as a production hazard critical control point, and by thoroughly applying the seven HACCP principles, training needs and training tools that best fit those needs can be evaluated. When determining a worker-training budget, it is important to bear in mind the cost of not having an effective worker-training program. Attention to effective training will create a production process that is safer for workers and safer for consumers; a win-win situation.

  • GFSI_whitepaper-GFSI

    Leveraging SISTEM to Meet GFSI Standards »

    Food processors and manufacturers have acknowledged the necessity of adopting Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards by achieving certification in benchmarked schemes that bring their companies into compliance with their customers’ requirements. Applying innovative technologies and tools to create a unified, streamlined and well-maintained food safety program will help ensure compliance and results in numerous benefits that impact a company’s bottom line.

  • food_safety_technology

    Training Today’s Workforce with Tomorrow’s Technology »

    It is imperative that the evolution of employee training runs parallel with the evolution of technology for generating increased productivity and ROI. The emergence of a new style of “high-tech” training now affords companies a creative, effective way to implement training via hand-held remotes for classes of all sizes, while effectively and efficiently providing valuable documentation of the results. High-tech training leads to a better-educated and more productive workforce.

“It’s interactive, it’s entertaining, and most importantly, it’s documented. Ultimately, the consumer benefits from a safer, more wholesome product.”

Joe Harris, Southwest Meat Association
Executive Director

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