Grab your audience’s attention.

An important part of any training program is ensuring your message is conveyed in a way that appeals to your audience. Using audio, imagery and video files helps create visual and auditory metaphors that make your training much more impactful. Alchemy is pleased to offer a tool to allow you to do just that, SISTEM Creator. Plugging into Microsoft PowerPoint, Creator gives you the ability to add these elements and develop polished training courses in a matter of minutes.


Provide instant validation.

It’s often difficult to assess your employee’s comprehension of training material before they leave the training room, which increases the risk of safety incidents. A feature unique to SISTEM and now available to you with Creator, is the ability to enhance your custom content with multiple-choice questions during training. Participants answer questions using SISTEM remotes and all of their responses are tracked and assessed. If any questions are missed, SISTEM’s patented remediation technology will retrain the class on the competency.

Build an excitement
for learning.

Our customers tell us that SISTEM’s game show, the Lightning Round, is by far their employee’s favorite part of training with SISTEM. It is also an important component for ensuring employees retain the information taught to them and adds excitement to training. With SISTEM Creator, facilitators have the ability to add the Lightning Round to the end of any of their courses. By making training fun with the Lightning Round, employee satisfaction and motivation increases, providing a foundation for a successful food safety culture.


While SISTEM has always been easy to navigate, the new release has taken its simplicity to a new level. The addition of SISTEM Creator allows uniformity between our company's custom courses and Alchemy courses, and makes our company training world class.

Kirk Arens
EHS Manager
ConAgra Foods

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