Time is money.

SISTEM® Player saves valuable time in the training room and off the production floor. Rapidly enroll and train groups of up to 150 employees using hand-held remotes and a single PC. Upon completion, employees can quickly get back to work and facilitators can instantly upload results electronically, eliminating any need for sign-in sheets. Many customers find SISTEM’s course length approach to be ideal for periods of downtime, such as equipment maintenance or line changes.
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Simplicity promotes success.

Set-up and implementation for volume training is fast and easy with the SISTEM Player, which requires little or no computer skills to facilitate or participate. Facilitators easily enroll participants using a simple 1-2-3 step process and participants answer questions with hand-held remotes. Quickly gauge your employees’ understanding of the material and produce audit-ready records within minutes.
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Engagement ensures comprehension.

Designed with the production worker in mind, SISTEM Player captures the participant's attention with compelling and entertaining media that covers learning objectives and assesses comprehension with interactive multiple-choice questions. If a question is answered incorrectly, SISTEM Player will remediate the learning objective, and reassess learners to ensure comprehension before continuing.
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“SISTEM provides a clear understanding of many accident prevention techniques and safety procedures leaving the learner with a greater understanding of how to avoid injury to themselves and others.”

Mark Hemmendinger
Certified Safety Professional 

  • Alchemy Systems, LP
  • 5301 Riata Park Court, Building F
  • Austin, TX 78727